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New PVD technology


PVD stands for "Physical Vapour Deposition".

PVD surface treatment technology for belatec products is equivalent to that used for casings and metal bracelets in the watchmaking industry.

It is one of the most modern and environmentally-friendly treatment procedures that exist.

This type of covering is highly resistant to wear and tear and scratching. The essential qualities of a PVD surface treatment are hardness and durability, meeting the specifications of our high end belatec products.


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Our production


Combining advanced technology, noble materials and aesthetics, we created a range of luxury electrical controls.

Each item is unique, made by highly qualified staff, working with the utmost precision to obtain a final result like no other.


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Innovative screw-free clip system


Our new clip system provides certain advantages. The easy and flexible positioning (horizontal or vertical) of the unit after  building or decorating work eliminates the risk of damage.

Let your imagination run wild... Our plating is interchangeable! Match them to your decoration, change them with the seasons...

Using this system, you can put your own stamp on your interior, whenever you want.



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