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Our variations



Whatever your choice may be - switches, plugs or other personalised controls - we offer you a wide range of exquisite materials.

Our collections are available in the following variations.


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Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of aluminium.

It is resistant to all conditions.

A palette of 19 colours will delight you and make sure your equipment blends in perfectly with your walls and home.





Discover the splendour of this surface treatment !






With the eternal beauty of silver, its extraordinary appearance will distinguish you in a highly positive light.







Classique, not only an item, but an article of pure craftsmanship!

The meticulous finish shows off its refinement, style and quality of manufacturing, thanks to its manual production and coating originating entirely from Swiss watchmaking technology.







Declined in the golden tones, Dorée has an unparalleled effect, finish quality, style and elegance.



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